Hello and a warm welcome!

Why Halcyon? What does it mean? For me it means ‘happy days’ but here is the actual definition:

Adjective: denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful;

Synonyms: calm, relaxed, stormless, carefree, happy, blissful, joyful, contented, flourishing, thriving, prosperous;

Noun: a mythical bird said by ancient writers to nest at sea, charming the wind and waves into calm;

Now these words capture the essence and sole purpose of hypnotherapy for me. Let’s face it – aren’t we all longing for those ‘calm, happy, contented’ days? Clients typically come to me to either rediscover those times when they were most happy and confident, or to experience what it is like to be those things for the first time. To be able to enjoy life safe in the knowledge that they can deal with anything that life has in store for them.

Like the mythical halcyon bird, I take great pleasure in showing my clients how to charm the wind and waves of what can be a stressful life into a feeling of inner confidence and ease of being. This new way of being is a skill that anyone can learn and will stay with you for life.