Workplace Well-being

Workplace Well-being Workshops Bristol

Do you have a high level of staff taking time off work for illness or stress? Do you struggle to know how best to help people who are suffering with poor mental health? Do you want to show staff that you care about their wellbeing and happiness? Would you like to empower your staff to be able to help themselves?

By catering for mental health needs you can prevent and reduce the amount of sick leave due to physical illness, stress and psychological problems. Every physical ailment has an emotional element! Furthermore, investing in well-being for your staff can increase productivity and happiness levels creating a much more positive and healthy working environment.

Organisations I have worked with:Healthy City Week logo FINAL PNG

  • Aardman Animations
  • The Prince’s Trust
  • Osborne Clarke 
  • Rolls Royce
  • Computershare Investor Services
  • The Stroke Association
  • Perry Court Primary School
  • Aspect Networking
  • Bristol’s Healthy City Week
  • Consumer Intelligence

I specialise in offering my therapeutic services within the workplace. One day a week you will find me at Osborne Clarke providing corporate hypnotherapy for individuals who need my support. I thoroughly enjoy working in this way and have witnessed many fantastic outcomes. I started my career as a Relationship Manager in the fast-paced financial sector and as such I can fully appreciate the pressures people find themselves under in the workplace. This can include:

  • Coping with deadlines
  • Demanding workload
  • Work/life balance
  • Perfectionist tendencies
  • Confidence issues
  • Lack of resilience to setbacks
  • Feeling stressed/ overwhelmed
  • Fear of giving presentations
  • Career change/ progression

Well-being Workshops

I can offer an interactive well-being workshop for groups of employees to explore how their mind works in relation to stress and offer top tips on boosting happiness and resilience. Typically this session ends with an optional relaxation. This session has been rated as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ by 100% of attendees.

Below are some of the many positive comments from feedback forms:

“Danielle is simply amazing. I had a very negative outlook and attitude to life. I’m not saying I have lost that way of thinking, but as a step one I’m just trying to think more positively. I would love to get the opportunity to have one on one session. Thank you so much. I know it was a group exercise but something resonated with me – and I’m already thinking much more positively about life.”

“Really well presented. Confident and reassuring presenter. Made it very easy to understand.”

“Well worth taking the time out of my day to attend.”

“It put a clear outlook on how to deal with everyday stresses, I will certainly take a lot away from the session.”

“Very enjoyable and relaxing.”

“Great session, something to feel good about. After the relaxation I felt like I was very light and almost floating and followed by a feeling of positiveness and happiness. Thank you”

“Excellent and informative”

“Really useful session that would benefit others. I would definitely attend further sessions if offered.”

Prices start from £15 per head. This includes access to my downloadable relaxation track to use at home after the session.

1-1 Sessions in the Workplace

As a follow-on from a group workshop I offer tailored individual sessions on site at your place of work. Sessions cost £65 each and are typically paid for by the employee.

Here is what an employee of Osborne Clarke (OC) has to say about working in this way:

“I have been working with Danielle since September last year.  When the hypnotherapy sessions were first offered at OC, I thought I would take a chance – but to be honest (being something of a cynic at heart) as something of an experiment and not really expecting very much.  I had been experiencing some mental wellbeing issues – low self-confidence, (at times) high stress levels and a lack of resilience in dealing with the everyday setbacks.  Rationally, I knew there was a probably a big gap between my own perception of my performance and capability at work, and how others around me perceived me – but it was hard for me to narrow that gap on my own.  Negative thought patterns would creep in; I would irrationally dwell on little mistakes and found it difficult to switch off from work at home.

At our first session Danielle explained how the mind works, and how we can be consumed by negative thoughts, especially at times of high stress.  She took time to understand me and the issues I was facing.  I was pretty amazed at the insights she offered into my personality that probably, at some level, I had always known.

We started off with weekly hour-long sessions, which are part talking therapy and part hypnosis.  The impact on my mental wellbeing was pretty much immediate and profound, and grew over our sessions.  I came to understand how to reframe thoughts and situations positively, and my self-confidence and emotional resilience increased dramatically.  Whilst not reducing how much I care about doing a good job, I no longer dwell on every little mistake I make or setback I experience, but instead take them for what they are and take forward the positive learning experiences. The hypnosis itself is also a pretty fascinating and powerful experience.

Whilst I originally started hypnotherapy to be happier and more effective at work, my overall mental wellbeing and happiness has improved hugely.  Danielle often talks about “emptying the stress bucket” and this is exactly what happened.  This has had a positive knock-on impact throughout my life – being able to switch off,  being “present” with my children after a long day at work, feeling capable of providing more emotional support to my spouse, even in my mental attitude to the sports I play.

We no longer meet weekly – about once a month now, but I look forward to every session; we talk about them being my “happiness booster”!”

For more information about any of the above please call or email me today.