Here are some of the lovely testimonials I have received over the years of working with people just like you. You will see they came to me with a variety of different issues but all had a positive experience and outcome. Please note results may vary.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

“Danielle is a star – she’s taught me how to deal with stress and keep things in perspective, reminded me to be grateful for even the smallest of things and helped me focus on how I can achieve my goals. I feel like I’m living again, not just existing!!”

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without you and for that I am truly grateful.”

“I came to see Danielle in January because I was depressed, anxious and lacked motivation. I was at a point where I simply didn’t know how to turn things around and had pretty much lost the belief that I even could. I saw her for only three sessions and listened to the free CD and I have never looked back. I am a completely different person now and even after all of this time, I still feel as good as I did when I was seeing her. She is very kind, considerate, listens well and offers fantastic knowledge and advice. I really recommend Danielle and believe that you can feel good again too if you take some time with her.”

“It’s been a huge surprise how small positive changes in habits can make such a huge difference to how I think, feel and interact with others.”

“Just wanted to say a BIG THANKS for all your help. I think I explained I tried 1 session each with 2 different counsellors before we started our sessions and I did not connect and seriously thought it was a waste of time, until I came to see you. So, I just want to say that I think you are amazing as you are so calm, reasoned and offer practical advice when I am so up and down and so unable to see the correct path I need to take. I would have lost patience with me!I understand what’s going on in my brain so much better now, what triggers the headaches and stomach pains and you have given me tools to deal with that – so thank you very much.”


Hypnotherapy for Fears/ Phobias

“I saw Danielle for sessions to help with fear of flying, and also general anxiety, and I can really recommend her. Having never been to hypnotherapy before and only seen stage hypnosis on TV, I was a bit nervous about what to expect but Danielle really put my mind at ease in the first session and explained everything – it made perfect sense and I continue to use her CD as well as the other techniques she taught me. The hypnosis itself was a very relaxing experience and the whole process was really positive and uplifting, and I will definitely be going back for future sessions. I was also able to get on a plane and enjoy my holiday which was a great relief!”

“I tried everything for my fear of flying, but one thing I never considered was hypnotherapy. I never believed for one second it could fix something I’d spent the last 10 years trying to over come. But amazingly, I was proven wrong! Danielle made me aware of how my brain was working, and taught me how to change the way I think towards negative situations. Not only has Danielle cured my fear of flying, but she has also made me look at situations in a much more positive way, and influenced me to be more positive as a whole. She has made me realise that I am in control of my fears and worries, and I can prevent them by using my rational mind. I would definitely recommend Danielle to anyone that has a phobia!”

Hypnotherapy for Depression

“Working with Danielle has helped me recognise how certain negative patterns of behavior which I’ve always taken for granted as “just part of who I am” have actually contributed to my stress levels and depression. However she’s also provided me with the tools I need to break those negative patterns and replace them with positive ones. It takes hard work and effort but the result is that I feel happier, more resilient and as a result I feel like a better husband, father and man.”

“Danielle has helped me realise a lot of positive points about myself, enabling me to take stock of my life. She is very skilled in her profession, as well as being attentive and positive in helping solve difficult problems. She also has bubbly sense of humour which i think is essential in helping her clients relax. Danielle gets 5 stars from me and I have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

“Danielle has taught me how to accept the way my mind works rather than fight against it. As someone who constantly analyses things – on a bad day this can become quite unbearable but Danielle’s hypnotherapy techniques have helped me make peace with this part of who I am and that is ok – just acknowledge your thoughts and give them attention but then move on! I am a happy person generally but have found that I can get into a ‘gloop’ if I don’t look after myself in body and mind. Writing this has made me actually want to see Danielle on a monthly basis!”

Hypnotherapy for Addictions/ Habits / Confidence

“Over a period of time life had become a challenge. A series of life events had led to a lack of confidence, low self esteem and ultimately alcohol dependence. Three months ago I knew I was at a cross roads and I had to try and retake control. By chance I saw a flyer for Halcyon and checked the detail online. It was to prove a life changing decision. I signed up and week on week and the improvements began to be evident. I’m now feeling as good as I can remember. My confidence is back, I no longer drink and I look forward to every day. Life is now worth living again. This wouldn’t have happened without Danielle’s expertise and direction. If you believe in the power of hypnotherapy, believe in Danielle then very soon you’ll believe in yourself again.”

“Hypnotherapy can help with lots of issues, but I went to see Danielle about my procrastination. My lack of confidence meant I was putting things off which in turn was causing me stress, problems sleeping and it was affecting my relationship with my family. Danielle has helped me realise why I procrastinate, taught me coping strategies and helped me gain control of my life again. I feel a lot more positive about the future and all my family are benefitting from the new improved me. Danielle puts you at ease and explains everything so you can use the techniques for other issues you are experiencing. She is amazing and I can’t thank her enough!”

“I have an interview for the promotion I went for this week! Never would have gone for it without the hypnotherapy and just getting an interview is a real confidence boost – thank you :-)”

Hypnotherapy for Sleep

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for the assistance you’ve given me so far. No sleepless nights for a month now which is record breaker for me. Long may it continue.”

“I learnt a lot about how the brain works and why small, seemingly insignificant issues can build and cause a problem. This has given me increased self awareness and understanding how this happens makes it easier to prevent. I was interested to learn that I do have the ability to relax, but I was not making time to do so. These sessions have made me think about the importance of making time for myself to relax and reflect. I have been motivated to make time for running again and have been four times in the last week. I was averaging three times a week originally, but this had dropped to almost never since the summer. I already feel better for this and optimistic that I will continue.”